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We strive to nurture all the needs of a child's life: Emotional, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Creative and Spiritual aiming at holistic child development.

In today’s age, educationists, parents and teachers do their best to make academics worth learning and pleasant by inculcating the general well-being of the child in the school system of large group instruction. But in the large group instruction, it is difficult to focus on holistic development of an individual child, most of the times.

With this objective, Holistique Learning is incorporated. We aim at helping students be the most that they can be. Each person should strive to be all that they can be in life. There are no deficits in learners, just differences.

children activities
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Each individual has different levels of inquisitiveness, creativity and interests which generally do not get nurtured while learning in the regular school system. For example – A child may learn ‘History of Cars’ in a lesson and nothing beyond it, but a child may further want to learn and explore about it. An interest in cars could be expanded into: where cars came from; the first wheel; what types of cars are used around the world; what type of people use cars; understanding if and why their family uses a car; why other people use cars; how over use of cars can affect our health; what cars are doing to our environment; alternatives to cars; new designs to overcome environmental impact etc. The regular school system may fail to expand learning into all aspects of a child’s life including family, the environment, history, empathy and understanding.

Holistic development in children is focussed on addressing all the aspects of child development - emotional, physical, social, intellectual, creative and spiritual, helping them connect to the natural world, also enable them to face challenges of life and reach their goals.

In addition to any concept knowledge, Holistique Learning aims at emotional development of the child, which is crucial for success. It is attained by having balanced life skills to deal with issues of daily life like anger management, stress management, time management, inculcating listening skills, thinking skills, communication skills etc.

Holistique Learning strives to provide various learning components to the parents, teachers and other educationists like the workshop plans and other resources which would surely be useful for children’s learning that extends well beyond academic learning.

Yoga is also an integral part of HolistiqueLearning, we provide all year round yoga programs to students in schools, colleges and other educational institutions, for physical fitness as well as mental and spiritual wellness of the students.

children activities

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