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Morning Assembly Plans

The ritual of morning assembly is a common feature in most of the schools. The school students and teachers assemble in the school ground, hall or auditorium to have a prayer, know important announcements, attend special performances from students and hear the school head or principal’s speech. The reasons for having morning assemblies are:

  • It helps to develop school spirit and establish unity among students. 
  • It gives a good start to the day and fills the minds of the students with positivity and enthusiasm.
  • It gives a common platform for all the teachers and all the students of the school to interact. 
  • It helps to inculcate values in students such as truth, cooperation, harmony etc thus contributing to their holistic development.

Anything that begins at the start of the day stimulates and nurtures the minds of the students. Thus it is very crucial to have short but important activities for assemblies. 

Schools should have special assemblies on special days such as festivals, commemorative days and birthdays of great personalities of the world such as great sportsmen, entrepreneurs, national leaders and other great achievers in different fields. On birthdays of great personalities, we can have activities related to their life stories, such people are role models for the society and a lot of values can be taught to the students through their life journeys.

Each 20- 25 minute- morning assembly plan is specially designed to cover a specific topic. They are designed keeping in mind that they are conducted in school grounds as many schools may not be conducting it in auditoriums. All the students from Class 1 to 10 can be a part of it. The distribution of roles in special performances to the students depends on the sole discretion of the school management. Also, the schools can conduct it for a few grades or all the grades from Class 1 to 10.

Each plan has a main manual illustrating the flow of the event along with the description of the scripts/ performances/ activities in detail and also includes all the necessary resources for the assembly. Activities involving videos, PPTs are not taken for assemblies as a projector facility may not be available in many school grounds.

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