Yoga is an integral part of Holistique Learning. The company aims at all round holistic development in students. A healthy mind and a fit body is attained through yoga. Yoga has numerous health benefits – internal body benefits, external body benefits, emotional health benefits, protects body against various diseases and provides a cure for various ailments.

Nowadays, students are facing a lot of problems in their personal, educational and social life. They need effective solutions of the problems or proper training to develop abilities to find out the solutions on their own. Yoga can help them to eradicate frustration, dissatisfaction, tension, intolerance, fear etc. Yoga can help them to bring out inner capabilities and build up self-confidence. Better adjustment can be made in odd circumstances to achieve success by regular practice of yoga and meditation.

Progressing and prospering in any field, at any stage of life, requires a body which is physically fit and mentally sound. This program aims at providing yoga classes two times a week to each student, through-out the year in the school/ college premises. Practicing yoga is as essential as paying attention to good sleep and nutritious food habits on regular basis.

The yoga program for students will be conducted by our experienced yoga trainers, the program would just not have practicing proper asanas and exercises but would also have a blend of other activities to provide in depth knowledge about yoga to the students such as speeches delivered by yoga experts, showing videos based on important yoga topics, making the entire program a holistic yoga educational module, in a nutshell.

Schools, colleges and other educational institutions can contact us for the yoga program enrollment.

Note - This service is available in schools and colleges of Mumbai (India) only.

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