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Annual Day Plans

One of the most important and grand event of the year is the ‘Annual Day’. It is an occasion of celebration, feast and festivity when students not only display their talents through wonderful performances but also get felicitated for their curricular and co-curricular accomplishments in presence of the parents. It’s also a time for team work and being proud of what the school stands for and believes in. 

Schools look for new and interesting themes each year. The themes chosen are either based on history, mythology, science, great personalities of the world, political events, current social issues, environmental awareness, topics inculcating social responsibility, patriotism, moral values, life skills, knowledge etc. 

We provide annual day plans ranging from 1.5 hours to 3 hours duration which includes interesting drama scenes woven with several dance performances based on a theme. 

Each annual day plan would include:

1. Drama Script (split into several scenes having dialogues of characters) along with the flow of the event (from introduction to conclusion which would include lighting of the lamp, principal’s speech, compere’s speech etc.)

2. Backdrops for each scene

3. Stage props and decor ideas for each scene

4. Costumes Ideas (For participants of drama and dances)

5. Music Files (Includes songs for dances, dance choreography example videos, transition music, background music – which ever applicable according to scenes.)

6. Event Production Notes

Please Note – All the files will be provided in soft copy format only. The entire program is meticulously designed with an aim to provide a learning experience to the students along with making the program joyous, dynamic and scintillating. 

Each plan has a scope for including any number of participants (students from all or selective grades from Nursery to Class 10th /12th).  

We recommend themes as well as take customized orders as per school’s choice/ requirement. 

For details, get in touch – contact@holistiquelearning.com