School annual day function is an important occasion of celebration, felicitation and festivity when students present not only their wonderful performances but also receive honours for their curricular and co-curricular achievements.

Choosing an annual function theme for schools is a challenge every year. The schools continuously thrive to inculcate moral values, humanity, patriotism, social responsibility, culture and traditions. So, choosing a theme with a learning objective and accordingly designing the script for annual function is important.

After a school annual function, parents are often seen discussing somewhat like this –

Parent 1: Fantastic coordination between the participants! They were very confident and enjoyed their roles. Brilliant & seamless performances!

Parent 2: Enthralling school annual function ideas! I sat spellbound seeing the students who transformed into singers, dancers and actors in a short time.

Parent 3: Amazing show! Each character’s role was noteworthy. I also applaud the great work of the production team. From where do they get such creative annual day celebration ideas?

Parent 4: Right from the beginning, the students captivated the attention of the entire audience. I could see the boosting confidence levels and great bonding among the participants.

The students’ hard work is appreciated the most.  But there is a lot more to an annual day celebration in school. There is a lot more BEHIND THE SCENES.

Though the hard work of the school management is also appreciated but many a times it goes unnoticed.

The hard work of the school management such as the principal, school heads, teachers, choreographers and other production team members plays a crucial role in success of any annual day celebration.

It takes months to meticulously plan every part, wondrous amalgamation of various befitting aspects leads to production of a commendable program, be it choosing a wonderful theme, picking the right songs, deciding the stage décor and participants’ costumes, anchoring script for school annual day etc.

Holistique Learning thrives to make the annual day planning for schools hassle free. We provide ready annual day plans which cover each and every aspect of planning. Right from choosing a good theme to making the plan flexible enough so as to give a chance for all the students to participate is one of the main objectives.

The e-book provided by us helps the schools to put up a show themselves. The main doc starts with lighting of the lamp, floral welcome of the chief guest, the chief guest’s speech, principal speech on annual function, compere’s speech, the drama scenes & dances and vote of thanks.

Music files for dances, background/transition music files and reference choreography videos (where ever applicable), a doc on costume ideas, a doc on stage décor and description of the props, annual day script for drama with characters and detailed dialogues, backdrop images for each scene & dance and many more supporting docs are given by us.

Proper conceptualization and preparation makes the execution smooth and easy. Give your entire team’s work to us.

So, are you looking for a ready annual day plan of your desired duration and for your selected section – preprimary, primary, secondary or whole school?

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