Amid corona virus lockdown, students’ life is in a total mess. Forced shift from classroom activities to home schooling and sudden roll out of the entire online education system, without preparation or training has built a great deal of stress in students, teachers and parents. How to overcome stress and how to control emotions in students is the question.

Online school-based teaching strategies rarely go perfectly even for professional teachers, which eventually build frustration in students. Teachers also need the support and assistance of the parents when it comes to online schooling, which is challenging for the parents.

The global pandemic is a compelling reminder that no child is exempt from difficult emotions.

Time management skills and student discipline is a challenge in the home decorum. Also, educating the students about corona virus, its preventive measures and making them accustomed to the fast changing world is tough.

In middle of this confusion, have we as parents or educators thought about the first and the foremost thing that we should teach children?

A crucial hour to teach gratitude and humanity 

Teach them gratitude, ask them are they alive? Do they have food, parents, education and a home to live? If yes, then ask them to be thankful.

Ask the child one question everyday – What did you do for others today? Assign one daily task to be done for others. Every day the child will come up with – I helped my mother in cleaning the house. I assisted my father in arranging the books on the shelf, I helped my younger sister in her studies, I handed over medicines to my grandmother.

Teach them to give, to share and be thankful.  Teach them simplicity and moral values. Also, by teaching empathy, you will sow new seeds of humanity in them. In today’s world, this humanity was destroyed. A lot of selfishness was creeping into humans and they were all eager to destroy others for their selfish means. Every time the question was – what can I take from you? But now it is the time to learn – what can I give you?

If this message is rightly given to the students, a new world will emerge, a new India will definitely emerge. And this India will definitely impact the entire world positively.

In these crucial times, the world is keenly observing the depth of the humanity in Indians, India is been able to face these challenges and people are been supporting other fellow citizens, not just due to the efforts of our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and other ministers across the states but also due to the rich and the abled who are keen to help the poor and weaker sections of the society in some or the other way.

This crucial time is teaching all of us – selflessness, and on these moral values and humanity of the people, our country is thriving.  

The need to build resilience

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of building resilience.

The pandemic reminds us about the skills students need in this unpredictable world such as informed decision making, creative problem solving, and above all, adaptability.

In the end the message is, how much did the children give? How much they shared? How much they participated? So, it is the time to learn gratitude, simplicity, resilience and many other important life skills.

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