As a part of school management, are you always in search of new topics for school assembly and innovative school assembly ideas? Do you always think, what is the best way to make the most fruitful use of the little time we get in morning assembly?  Are we making the students more responsible towards the society and the environment? Are we keeping the students well informed about the important happenings around the world?  Then, here we have a solution for you.

We provide ready plans which cover innovative themes and topics for morning assembly in school for teachers. These plans are for teachers’ reference, they have to simply read and implement the plans.

We generally say ‘Whatever starts well, ends well’, a good start of the day in a school is its morning assembly time. This is the time when all the students assemble together and various activities are conducted such as English prayer for school assembly, important announcements about school activities, sharing news about current issues /events etc. Theme based topics for morning assembly in school facilitates positivity, moral values, enhances knowledge, social responsibility and lots more.

Also, morning is the best time when students’ minds are fresh to learn and grasp things. School morning assembly presentation by students makes them confident speakers.

Different morning assembly ideas for school are always on the mind of educators. The main idea for morning assembly is to impart knowledge to the students about the outside world and past events which they may or may not get through textbooks.

Knowledge from different fields such as history, geography, science, politics, sports etc are important for the students.

Holistique Learning provides an assembly plan package which consists of 51 assembly plans of the year. Important festivals, world observance days and great personalities’ birthdays are been taken as topics for school assembly.

Festivals are celebrated to foster tradition, culture and national integration. It provides knowledge about its importance to the students.

Many national and international personalities’ birthdays such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Malala etc are included as morning assembly topics. It is important to showcase the characters and unique qualities of these personalities which impart values to the students. There is a lot to learn from their life journeys such as kindness, charity, service, empathy, resilience, humanity, humility, hardwork, determination etc.

School assemblies based on world observance days such as World Gratitude Day, World NGO Day, World Cancer Day not only impart knowledge to the students about these days but also the immediate need to understand certain issues and quick attention and action required by us.

Hence, the valuable lessons imparted to the students in school morning assemblies are very important for child development.

The package having 51 assembly plans (duration – 20 to 25 minutes each) covering all such topics are available with us as very reasonable rates, for details get in touch – or call us on 9987732393

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