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Independence Day of India (Plan B) - 15th August

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Each year Independence Day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. We celebrate ‘Independence’, i.e. the freedom that we got from British rule in 1947. But since 1947, have we attained freedom in the true sense? Are we free in today’s age? What is the real meaning of freedom? Well, if this question is put up to us, each of us may have different answers, as the meaning of freedom may differ from individual to individual. Let us explore different meanings of freedom through the program.

The theme for Independence Day is ‘The Facets of Freedom’. The theme highlights what freedom means to different people. Each individual has a different perspective towards freedom based on his opinions, experiences and values. Vivid aspects of freedom are showcased through interesting drama scenarios which cover – 
• The freedom to make choices and decisions. 
• Freedom of speech and expression, living in a society that respects individual liberties. 
• Pursuing goals and dreams without interference. 
• Seeking social justice, and equality without discrimination. 
• Pursuing economic opportunities and improving living standards. 
• Living in a safe society, free from fear and oppression. 
• Practicing culture and religion without interference and respecting diversity. 
• And lots more….

The drama also covers how these types of freedom can be worked upon and incorporated into our society to have a truly united nation.

Everyone wants to seek freedom. Life can be lived to the fullest only when a person feels free. So, let's feel this freedom and celebrate it with lovely drama and vibrant dance performances. 

In this 90-minute program, we have put together the flag hoisting, compere’s speech and the entire cultural program flow, consisting of the drama script having the roles/characters with detailed dialogues and the songs for the dance performances.

The celebration plan is appropriate for the participation of students from KG to Class 12. The schools can choose to have participants from a few grades or all the grades from KG to Class 12. Each plan has a main document illustrating the flow of the event along with drama script, Music files and all other required resources.

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