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Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day (24 November)

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Plan Details

Each child is different; each child has unique talent which has to be explored.

Presenting - ‘The Grand Talent Show’- Competition Plan (for Nursery to Class 12th) for the occasion of ‘Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day’ observed every year on 24th November. The students can express their talents which can be in visual arts, performing arts, literature and many more areas. They may possess extraordinary talent in juggling, unique math skill, acting/ mimicry, singing, dancing, unique painting/ craft skill, presenting a tradition of a place in the most unique way, different performances using props like board, stick, rope, hula hoop etc, some fun loving tricks and lots more.

Special care is taken that performances/activities which may be disrespectful or offensive to any person, caste/ community/ religion, risky, harmful or dirty/ messy to perform, shall not be allowed. When students are praised and appreciated for their talents, they feel happy about it. This boosts their self-confidence, self-esteem and creativity.

The school can conduct it in respective classes/ hall or by inviting parents and conducting it in the auditorium within the school or can also invite other schools of the city / surrounding areas and conduct it like a grand interschool competition.

The activity manual has all the required instructions/ description and rules of different competitions suggested for each class. Required resources such as handouts, worksheets etc are provided along with the activity manual. (Plan available in soft copy format only.)

Note – The program can be conducted on 24th November or on any other feasible date. Give at least 5 days to the students for preparations.

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  • All national and international cards accepted.