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National Mathematics Day in India (22 December)

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National Mathematics Day is observed annually on December 22 in India since 2012, to commemorate the birthday of the legendary mathematician – Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887 – 1920). 

Ramanujan has greatly contributed towards mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series, continued fractions, elliptic integrals, the Riemann series and the hyper geometric series. 

At the age of 12, he discovered his own theorems. He compiled 3,900 results by the age of 32 mostly on identities and equations.

Presenting a ‘Competition Plan for Nursery to Class 12th’ to pay a tribute to the legend and spread the joy of learning and understanding of mathematics. The class-wise interesting theme based activities (15 minutes each) are: 

• For Nur To UKG – Ramanujan’s Birthday Treat
• For Class 1 And 2 – At Ramanujan’s Birthday Party
• For Class 3 To 5 – Math Genius
• For Class 6 To 8 – Think Like Ramanujan
• For Class 9 And 10 – Begin Like Ramanujan
• For Class 11 And 12 – Advance Like Ramanujan

It is recommended to conduct this activity in the first period. The school can either conduct it like a competition or just like a special activity for the day. A short brief about the Day to be given in the assembly is also provided.  

The activity manual has all the required instructions/ description of the class wise activities. Required resources such as handouts, worksheets etc are provided along with the activity manual. (Plan available in soft copy format only.)

Note –The activity can be conducted on 22 December or on any other feasible date.

  • Prices are inclusive of all taxes.
  • All national and international cards accepted.