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Ganesha Festival (August or September)

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Plan Details

Ganesha Festival is a 10-day Hindu festival which falls around August/ September. Dates vary every year.  In 2021, Ganesha Festival is from 10 September to 19 September

Ganesha idols brought for the festival are made of Plaster of Paris (POP), plastic, cement and toxic paints. On immersing the idols in water on the tenth day of the festival, the water becomes toxic and the idols take decades to dissolve, killing marine life and leaving an indelible impact on the ecosystem. Thus, it is essential for students to make a greener choice. 

Presenting ‘Eco friendly Ganesha Making Competition Plan (From Nursery to Class 12th)’.

30 to 40-minute class wise activities are given for Nursery to Class 12th. Each class would have a unique and age appropriate activity.   

The students of the school will learn various ways in which different eco-friendly Ganesha idols can be made creatively using several eco-friendly materials such as wheat dough, fruits, vegetables, other food items, flowers, leaves, sticks, mud, paper, cardboard etc.   

The activity manual has all the required instructions/ description and rules of the activities for each class. Required resources such as handouts, worksheets etc are provided along with the activity manual.   

This competition can be conducted on any day in the 10-day Ganesha festival duration. It is recommended to give at least 5 days to the students for preparation of the competition. 

(Please Note: It is recommended to conduct this competition in the first period. A brief about Ganesha Festival and the need to have eco-friendly Ganesha models to be given in the assembly on the competition day and the brief about the presentation of different Ganesha models by the winners of each class in the assembly on the next day of the competition is also provided in the manual.)  

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