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Developing Empathy (Grade 1 to 5)

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Empathy is the ability to understand how someone will feel due to our actions and to understand the way a situation might make a person feel and hence respond with care.

Empathy is the root of all healthy relationships. When a child learns to be empathetic, he/ she can learn self-control and be more watchful towards his/her own actions. Empathy helps in self-control and thus avoids further problems which may arise due to negative behaviour. It plays a major role in controlling emotions, managing stress, avoid conflicts, develop patience and help to imbibe positive attitude.

In this 60 – minute workshop, we have put together several activities related to ‘Empathy’.

In this workshop, the students will learn that they must not behave in a way with others which they don’t like for themselves.

They will realise how it feels when they put themselves in other person's place, thus they will learn the concept 'Empathy'. They will learn ways to express empathy towards others in their daily lives. They will ultimately learn that not being empathetic brings negative emotions and unhappiness and on the other hand, being empathetic brings peace and happiness.   

The workshop is appropriate for age group: 6 to 10 years, i.e. from Class 1 to 5. The school/ educational institute can decide to conduct it for any one or more grades from Class 1 to 5. 

This plan provides detailed guidelines to the trainer/ teacher who will conduct the workshop. All the necessary resources such as video/ PPT/ display resource/ handouts/ worksheets/ Parents’ Circular etc required to conduct the activities are attached with the plan.

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