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Baisakhi (13 April, 2024)

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Plan Details

Baisakhi also known as Vaisakhi, marks the Sikh New Year and is celebrated on April 13 or 14 every year. It is a spring harvest festival for the Sikhs. Baisakhi commemorates the formation of Khalsa panth of warriors under Guru Gobind Singh in 1699.   

The day of Baisakhi is full of colours and vibrancy. The festival is celebrated with great joy by having performances on traditional folk dances - bhangra and giddha.  

Sikhs celebrate Baisakhi with joy and devotion. They take an early bath, wear new clothes and visit the gurudwara to participate in the special prayer meet marked for the day. After a special ardaas, kirtan and discourses, kada prasad is distributed to all.  

The assembly is based on highlighting the significance of the Baisakhi festival. Through an interesting drama ‘Welcome to Daljeet’s Farm’ the students would know about the hard work put in by the farmers to yield a good harvest and will learn to appreciate and respect farmers. Students would enjoy the bhangra and giddha dance performances which adds joy and fervor to the Baisakhi celebration.

This plan can be used by schools of any country. The schools can conduct it for a grade / few grades/ all the grades from Class 1 to 10.  

The plan has a main manual illustrating the flow of the event along with the description of the scripts/ performances/ activities in detail and also includes all the necessary resources for the assembly. Activities involving videos, PPTs are not taken for this assembly as a projector facility may not be available in many school grounds.

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