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Creativity and Innovation Week & Day (WCIW – 15 to 21 April and WCID – 21 April)

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Plan Details

World Creativity and Innovation Week (WCIW) (15th to 21st April) and World Creativity and Innovation Day (WCID)(21st April) are observed by the UN and celebrated across the world.

Creativity is one of the most crucial skill required for holistic child development. It gives a boost to thinking skills and contributes to cognitive development. Learning how to be more creative (and thus adaptable) prepares students for life beyond the classroom.

The purpose of WCIW and WCID is to encourage people to use their creativity to generate new ideas, make new decisions, take new actions and achieve new outcomes to make the world a better place and make their place in the world better too. Creativity helps one become a better problem solver, helps to see things differently and deal with uncertainty better. 

The theme of this assembly is ‘Exploring the Creative Me’. The 20 – 25 minute assembly focuses on enhancing critical thinking skills and hence results into creative outcomes. The assembly would make the students more expressive and also provide a fun filled learning experience.

(Please Note – This assembly can be conducted on any day in the World Creativity and Innovation Week, i.e. from 15th to 21st April or on World Creativity and Innovation Day, which is on 21st April.) 

This plan can be used by schools of any country. The schools can conduct it for a grade / few grades/ all the grades from Class 1 to 10. 

The plan has a main manual illustrating the flow of the event along with the description of the scripts/ performances/ activities in detail and also includes all the necessary resources for the assembly. Activities involving videos, PPTs are not taken for this assembly as a projector facility may not be available in many school grounds.

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