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Martyrs’ Day, Shaheed Diwas (30 January)

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Plan Details

30 January is observed as Martyrs’ Day/ Shaheed Diwas in India, as it is the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. 

Presenting a 20 to 25 minute assembly, which takes us back in time where the reaction of people in a small area of India, on hearing about Gandhiji’s assassination by Nathuram Godse on 30 January 1948  is shown, followed by a prayer meeting, ‘In memory of the unmatched legend - Mahatma Gandhi’ on the next day. Special prayers and a drama show Gandhiji’s sacrifice and perseverance which proves his undying will power to never leave the path of truth and non-violence.

His extraordinary leadership skills influenced millions of people. He fought with utmost dedication so that people would get freedom not only from the British but also from poverty, diseases, superstition and ignorance.

He read the Gita, the Quran and the Bible, because he believed that all the religions are equal and all of them preach truth and righteousness.

In today’s world, where students lack patience, empathy and resilience and with the increasing violence in the world, Gandhi is not only a person to remember, but a way of life for our future generations to adopt. The assembly not only covers Gandhiji’s views, works and philosophies but also its relevance in today’s age.

This plan can be used by schools of any country. The schools can conduct it for a grade / few grades/ all the grades from Class 1 to 10.

The plan has a main manual illustrating the flow of the event along with the description of the scripts/ performances/ activities in detail and also includes all the necessary resources for the assembly. Activities involving videos, PPTs are not taken for this assembly as a projector facility may not be available in many school grounds.

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