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Teachers’ Day (5 September in India)

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Teachers’ Day is celebrated on different days in different countries, as its significance varies from country to country.

  • In India - 5th September, birth date of the second Indian President, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.
  • In Panama - 1st December, birth date of Manuel José Hurtado, the father of Panamanian education.
  • In Costa Rica - 27th November, birth date of Mauro Fernández Acuña, one of the greatest educators of the country.
  • In Ecuador - 13th April, in honour of Juan Montalvo, a great Ecuadorian teacher.

Every year Teachers’ Day is celebrated in schools to express gratitude towards teachers. But do the students know much about the great teachers of the world who have created history through their remarkable contributions? This year, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, can we have a wonderful assembly based on the life journeys of the great Anne Sullivan and many more??

And don’t you think apart from the teachers who are teachers by profession, there are many other great teachers in the world, who should be remembered on Teachers’ Day like Mahavir Singh Phogat? He trained his daughters in wrestling for the Commonwealth Games. Rewarding his hard work, his daughters won several medals on the global platform. 

We have brought a 20 – 25 minute Teachers’ Day assembly plan based on great and remarkable teachers of the world. This plan can be used by schools of any country, whether its India where Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5th September or Canada where it is celebrated on 5th October.  

The distribution of roles in the performances/ activities to the students depends on the sole discretion of the school management. Also, the schools can conduct it for a few grades or all the grades from Class 1 to 10.

Each plan has a main manual illustrating the flow of the event along with the description of the scripts/ performances/ activities in detail and also includes all the necessary resources for the assembly. Activities involving videos, PPTs are not taken for this assembly as a projector facility may not be available in many school grounds.

  • Prices are inclusive of all taxes.
  • All national and international cards accepted.