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Activity Plan for World Emoji Day (17 July)

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Plan Details

Emojis, emotion icons used since the beginning of the internet, turned into a library of over 1000 smiley graphics by the year 2000 and now thousands of emojis are found on every device and application, on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. 

World Emoji Day celebrates these emotional expressions on 17 July annually and encourages to be exceptionally emotive. In addition to expressing oneself on technological devices, it is necessary for students to be more expressive in real life. 

Presenting a special activity / competition plan based on the theme ‘The Emoji Meter’, which has fun filled activities with emojis aiming to make students more expressive and also enhance thinking and reasoning skills. Being more expressive is necessary for students’ social and emotional well-being and it becomes easy for teachers/parents to understand their triggers, needs and the reasons behind the emotions. Eventually students realise how their behaviour impacts the feelings of others and hence learn to self-regulate their emotions.

Duration: 30 to 40 minute each – Class wise activities from Nursery to 12th

(Please Note –It is recommended to conduct it like a special activity or competition in the first period. A short brief about the day to be given in the assembly is also provided.)

The class wise activities are as follows:  
• Nur To UKG – Emojis for Everything
• Class 1 And 2 – Express it out!
• Class 3 To 5 – An array of Emojis
• Class 6 To 8 – The Plot of Emojis
• Class 9 to 12 – The Changing Emojis

The plan consists of detailed activity manual along with all the required resources like worksheets, handouts etc for all activities. (Plan available in soft copy format only.)

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