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School Songs and Prayers - Made on order basis

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We make school prayers, school songs, poems, other theme-based songs for specific events, club activities, singing competitions etc. in English and Hindi order basis

School prayer gives a good start to the day. It instils gratitude towards god and values like respect and tolerance, helping students appreciate different faiths and cultures. School prayers help the students understand the school's mission and vision. They learn to appreciate all that they learn and receive from the school. Also, singing prayer songs can foster mindfulness and reflection, encouraging students to contemplate their actions and thoughts. Similarly, songs for different events and occasions serve different purposes. 

Please Note: 
• The song/prayer will only be available in soft copy only.

• The cost of one school song/ prayer is INR 2000. You can pay for one school song by clicking on the buy button below and do the payment process. 

• To discuss details about the kind of song you require– kindly get in touch at contact@holistiquelearning.com/ +91 9987732393.

  • Prices are inclusive of all taxes.
  • All national and international cards accepted.

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