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Workshop Plan for International Day of Happiness (20 March)

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Plan Details

International Day of Happiness is on 20 March. The day aims to convey that 'progress' should be about increasing human happiness and well-being, not just growing the economy. 

Only a happy and confident student succeeds and not the one who is anxious, stressed or depressed. It is natural to experience all types of emotions – happiness, sadness, anxiety, fear etc but learning to control them effectively is very important.  

Presenting to you a 60- minute workshop plan for International Day of Happiness (20 March) based on - ‘Managing Emotions – A key to happiness’ consists of activities, focused on imparting a better understanding of different emotions, ways to manage emotions, understand emotions of others and build empathy towards them.  

The workshop is appropriate for age group: 10 to 14 years, i.e. from Class 5 to 9. The school/ educational institute can decide to conduct it for any one or more grades from Class 5 to 9.

This plan provides detailed guidelines to the trainer/ teacher who will conduct the workshop. All the necessary resources such as video/ PPT/ display resource/ handouts/ worksheets/ Parents’ Circular etc required to conduct the activities are given with the plan. The plan is available in soft copy (only). 

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