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Workshop Plan for World Environment Day (5 June)

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World Environment Day is observed by the UN each year on June 5 for raising awareness on emerging environmental issues, with participation from over 143 countries annually.  

The day highlights human activities which lead to severe environmental consequences and brings attention to small changes in the daily life styles and adopting certain living habits which can reduce the harm caused to the environment. 

With the increasing global environmental issues, it is necessary to inculcate the feeling of love and affection towards nature, in the hearts and minds of children right from a very young age.   

Presenting to you a 60- minute workshop plan for World Environment Day (5 June) based on - ‘Loving the Nature’. Through a series of activities, the students will know about nature’s gifts and will develop a feeling of love towards all components of nature. They will students indulge into activities to show appreciation towards nature’s gifts. The workshop will make the students aware of the consequences of destructive activities such as cutting trees, plucking flowers, harming birds and animals.  

The workshop is appropriate for age group: 6 to 10 years, i.e. from Class 1 to 5. The school/ educational institute can decide to conduct it for any one or more grades from Class 1 to 5.   

This plan provides detailed guidelines to the trainer/ teacher who will conduct the workshop. All the necessary resources such as video/ PPT/ display resource/ handouts/ worksheets/ Parents’ Circular etc required to conduct the activities are given with the plan. The plan is available in soft copy (only). 

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