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Workshop Plan for Mental Wellness Month (January)

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Plan Details

January is a mental wellness month so let’s take an initiative to work towards mental well-being of the students. 

Students go through frequent emotional ups and downs in handling day to day stress.  A student experiencing anxiety or other forms of mental distress will experience significant barriers to learning. Symptoms of mental illnesses include disruptive behaviour, lack of effort and truancy.

To stay positive, productive and cheerful, he/she must learn to cope with stress.  We have brought a 60-minute workshop plan based on - ‘Coping with Stress – An essential life skill’ having activities through which students will find out ways to cope with stress under various stressful situations. The stress management techniques, hence learnt, will be useful to the student in everyday life.

The workshop is appropriate for age group: 11 to 15 years, i.e. from Class 6 to 10. The school/ educational institute can decide to conduct it for any one or more grades from Class 6 to 10.

This plan provides detailed guidelines to the trainer/ teacher who will conduct the workshop. All the necessary resources such as video/ PPT/ display resource/ handouts/ worksheets/ Parents’ Circular etc required to conduct the activities are given with the plan. The plan is available in soft copy (only).

Please Note: This workshop can be conducted on any feasible date in the month.

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  • All national and international cards accepted.

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