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Welcome Activity for the First Day of School

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Plan Details

Duration: 10 minute each – Class wise classroom activity from Nursery to 12th  

(Please Note – This activity can be conducted on the first day of school when school reopens after a summer vacation/ Diwali vacation or on the first day of the new academic year / new semester.)

The students come to the school on the first day with a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm. On this occasion, learning the importance of education through interesting activities in the beginning of the day will be a fun filled experience for the students.    

Skills and potential are hidden in every individual, education helps to realize the potential and enhance the skills at its best. Thus, the theme of the Welcome Activity is – Education and Skill Development.   

Education helps to enhance different skills in a student. Focusing on the theme, the gist of the class wise activities (10 minutes each) would be as follows:   
1) Activity focused to enhance Listening Skills (Nursery to UKG) 

2) Activity focused to enhance Mental Math Skills (Class 1 and 2) 

3) Activity focused to enhance Creative Drawing / Writing Skills (Class 3 to 5) 

4) Activity focused to enhance Collaboration and Communication Skills (Class 6 to 8) 

5) Activity focused to enhance Logical / Reasoning Skills (Class 9 and 10) 

6) Activity focused to enhance Memory/ Concentration Skills (Class 11 and 12)   

The plan consists of detailed activity manual along with all the required resources like worksheets etc. The plan is available in soft copy (only).   

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